Monday, January 13, 2014

The Teal Bucket

I just wanted to take a second and share my new adventure with y'all. Early last year I decided that it was time to own my own business and really stick with it. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, just wasn't really sure how to go about it. After a lot of planning I opened my first online store called ZoZo Cute. It was hair accessories for girls. 

About the same time my best friend Jodie was wanting to start something as well. I had just finished my first month in business and everything went way better than ever expected. After some talking we decided to join forces and that is when The Teal Bucket was born.
We sell personalized "gifts" and we have been so blessed by this business so far. We launched in July and had a wonderful first 6 months. We have a lot more in store for this year and we hope you will check it out and who knows, maybe you will find something you just can't live without. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Its been a while...

Hey there everyone! I've been on a major blogging hiatus, but I am back and I am so exited about some things I have planned! 
A lot has happened this year and I look forward to sharing over the next few months. I just wanted to pop back in and say Hello really quick and to be on the lookout for some fun new things from The Hardage House!

Blessings Y'all!

p.s. Do you just LOVE my new look Jenn gave me?!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I wanna ride!

This weekend we meet my parents to pick up their 5th wheel to use over the next few months and on our way home we picked up Rilan's new dirt bike.

He has had a bike since he was 3, but just decided to really start riding within the past year. He had outgrown his old bike and wanted a new one. Not to mention his old one has been broken for a few months and we can't seem to figure out what is wrong with it.

He had been riding with training wheels, but this summer he learned how to ride his bicycle without so we thought it would be a great time to get him to start riding his dirt bike without them too. He did awesome!

Last week he told us that he had been having dreams about riding his dirt bike and racing. After he rode it for the first time last night he came up beside me and stopped and said "I had a dream that I could do it and MY DREAM CAME TRUE!" It was so sweet!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zo is 3!

I can NOT believe my baby girl is 3 years old! How time has flown by way too quickly!

I can not imagine our lives with out this girl! She is so full of life and JOY! 

Zoey at 3 years old you:

  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Height: Not sure
  • You wear some 18mo clothes still, but most is a 2T now. Pants are getting difficult to fit you in because you are so skinny but need them to be longer. We try to stick with dresses and leggings. You don't really care of jeans, but will wear colored skinny jeans from time to time.
  • Talk NON stop and say some of the funniest things.
  • LOVE your Bubba
  • You go to gymnastics once a week and love it. You might be tiny, but girl you are strong and have no fear!
  • You take one nap in the afternoon. You sleep for about 2 hours.
  • You only get your paci when you sleep, but haven't used it the past few nights.
  • We started potty training last week and have only had 3 accidents since going to full time panties!
  • You love going to church, but you still refuse to go the the nursery.
  • You sleep in your big girl bed along with a 2-4 babies, your bible, and whatever else you might find while putting off going to sleep.
  • Your favorite cartoon to watch is Doc McStuffins. Such a cute show, and one that I don't really mind watching with you.
  • You are OBSESSED with princesses. Your favorite is Cinderella. 
  • Your favorite colors are pink and blue.
  • You are SO sassy, and love doing your "princess pose" for photos. (See below)
  • You love going to get your nails done at the nail salon.
  • You make up the cutest songs and sing all the time. I love listening to you when you don't realize I am.
  • You aren't really fond of strangers and most of the time you are just flat our rude to them. I hope this changes soon! 
Zoey Brynn, your Mommy loves you so much, more than you will ever know.

Friday, January 4, 2013


I seriously can NOT believe my baby boy is old enough to loose teeth!

He started out the frist day of 2013 by loosing his second tooth and was so excited, the tooth fairy even brought him $5!

A dream end to 2012

We were able to finish out the year in my most favorite place ever, Breckenridge, Colorado.

We took off on the 27th (bright and early) and spent 5 wonderful days in the snowy Rocky Mountains. Dax's mom was able to come with us to help with the kids and we are so thankful, but I don't think we could have fit one more thing in my poor little 4-Runner!

The kids loved playing in the snow right out the back door of our condo, and Dax and I had a blast snowboarding. 

It was nice to get some time alone. We rarely get to go out so we took full advantage of having some one on one time! 

I had so much fun snowboarding this time. I was able to pick it back up pretty quickly after not boarding for 4 years! I love snowboarding and missed it so much! I am looking forward to one more trip before the end of this season. And maybe one day we can call Colorado home! Our entire family loves this beautiful state so much.

Until next time Colorado...

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