Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Thirty-One Favorites

I have quickly become OBSESSED with all my thirty-one bags I have been getting! I switch up what I carry constantly! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite bags.

Retro Metro Bag
I got this bag for the frist time this past summer before I became a consultant and fell in LOVE. It is the perfect size for a Mom or just a girl on the go. I think it would make a great bag for a young girl who prefers to carry all her school books in a bag rather than in a backpack. It has more than enough room in it for all my "stuff."

I have 2 Thirty-One Catalogs, 2 Zipper Pouches, my ipad, life planner, baby wipes, and wallet on the inside! On the outside pockets I have a sippy cup on one side and my phone, keys, and a few pens and lip gloss in the other side! 

Mini Retro Metro Bag
I just got this bag in last week for Zoey and I love it. My girl is a purse lover already and I know she will love carrying this around with all of her goodies in it. I also think it will make a great bag for her to take with her to church on Sundays. The size difference between the Mini and the full size Retro Metro isn't much. It is only an inch shorter than the Retro Metro and 2 inches smaller depth wise.

Casual Cargo Bag
The Casual Cargo bag is a NEW product for spring. I got this with a kit I was able to purchase and I love it! I carried it for a few weeks and got a ton of compliments. It would make an awesome diaper bag. It has 2 pockets on the front and then on the inside it has to pockets on each side for bottles or sippy cups, it also has 2 pockets on the back inside and then one zipper pocket on the font inside.

I am hoping to have my new 5th Avenue Bag in early next week and can NOT wait to start using that.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the bags I featured or any that thirty-one offers! I would love to help in any way I can!

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Christie Strayer said...

I'm a Thirty-One Independent Consultant!

I use the Retro Metro bag as my bible bag! It says "Miracle Worker" on it!

~Christie Strayer

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