Monday, April 26, 2010

Yard Work

This weekend we decided to tackle the front yard! I don't think we knew what we were getting ourselves into! I wanted to just plant some flowers in the flower beds and around our tree, well it ended up being so much more than that! :)

That is what our yard looked like before we really got started. Plain and boring with no color except green. We have a ton of landscaping since we had a model home, great when we wanna sell the house someday but not easy to keep it looking good all the time! Dax has mowed our lawn a lot and kept the grass looking nice but neither of us have planted flowers or trimmed hedges. We tried our best and I think it looks really good. We trimmed the tree with stones and we are going to go and get more to trim the front flower beds with them too.

Rilan loved getting to be outside all weekend, he would ride his bike for a while and then come over and help us rake or plant flowers. He even helped Dax trim the hedges! I was a little nervous but he did a great job!

I think we made 3 trips to Home Depot to get stuff. We went and got our initial set of flowers, potting soil, and stones. We ran out of stones so had to go and get more, then we needed more potting soil and something else so Dax had to go back yet again!

I love how the tree turned out, I can't wait to see what the rest of the yard looks like once we get the other stones put in.

I had to add these photos of Dax, he though he was hott stuff! I bet he is happy that the neighbors had a electric hedge trimmer we finished the job with! Haha! Love you babe!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zoey 3 Months

I can't believe Zoey is already 3 months old! Time is going by way too fast this time. I just thought it went by fast with Rilan!

  • You weight 11 1/2 pounds that's about the 18th percentile
  • You are wearing a size 1 diaper
  • You eat 4-5 ounces every 4 hours during the day and go a little longer at night but when you do wake up you only eat 2-3 ounces and your back fast asleep
  • You are starting to sleep a little better through the night(Mommy and Daddy are happy about this!)
  • You are starting to "talk" and you smile a lot! 
  • You have been trying hard to learn how to roll over, I know you will get it soon!
  • You don't really care for tummy time
  • You are getting really good at holding your head up 
  • You love to lay in your nap nanny and watch Rilan
  • You are finally starting to like your swing

You have been such a blessing to our life and I can't remember what it was like before you. We love you lots and lots!
So we went to eat lunch today at The Cheesecake Factory. What a waste of time! We love eating there because we don't get to go very often. We waited about 10 minutes to be seated, not bad at all for a Saturday afternoon! We sat down ordered drinks and went down hill from there! We ordered some hummus to start off with, that took at least 30 minutes to get, while we were waiting on that we had ordered our lunch, I got orange chicken and Dax had ordered a turkey sandwich, salad, and soup of the day. Rilan just wanted some strawberries and whipped cream! Go figure! I still have no clue how this child stays so skinny! :)

We waited at least an hour for our lunch before we told them to just forget about it. The manager came over and said they were on the way with our food, I'd had it by then and so we told them we didn't want it anymore. They boxed it up for us and gave us 2 pieces of the red velvet cheesecake! We came home and tried to eat although it wasn't good anymore! Oh well at least we have some yummy cheesecake to eat this evening!

I was so disappointed about our service I think that one of the only places I have been and never had one problem! We ended up with a $13 check though. I know for sure that is the cheapest meal we have ever had there! Hopefully we have better luck next time! 

Land of Man

So Dax got a new truck last night. I think he may love it more than he loves me! haha Just kidding! Sorta! :)
He had gotten tired of having to drive our Altima and I needed the Yukon because of the kids so he decided it was time to trade it in! I'll miss it but I never really got to drive it anymore since its not really a family car!

Here are a few photos of the truck.

As soon as he started the truck there was no way of talking him out of it. Its soo loud, just what he wanted! He had a red Dodge when he was younger so I think since he will be 30 on his next birthday he needed to feel young again! haha Love you babe!

Guess its back in the Land of Man now for him! (so he says!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Brother

Rilan is taking on the role of big brother sooo well! He loves his little sister so much. He is already very protective and loves to just lay beside her and talk to her. Its so sweet to watch. I'm glad he hasn't lost his spunk though! We had fun yesterday taking some photos of the two of them and then he had to do a few "tricks" for me! He called this a one legged head stand!? hehe

I love all the funny faces he makes when he poses for the camera! It is very rare you can get one of him just smiling! He was making funny faces and it some how turned into this pose!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Where do we start?

Well I guess I will start with January 23rd. I was 35 weeks pregnant and started having contractions. I decided after about 2 hours of contractions every 2 to 3 minutes I'd better call the doctor and see what I should do. I was told to go ahead and head up to Labor and Delivery and let them monitor me for a while and see if I was indeed in labor. When I got there I was at 2cm dilated. They monitored me for a bit then I had to make laps around the hospital for an hour and see if I progressed anymore. I was checked again at was at 3cm. I layed there for another hour or so and they decided to go ahead and keep me and monitor things over night so they moved me to a delivery room just incase I stayed. When they moved me I was checked again and was 4cm. I sent Dax and Rilan back home since it was after 1 am at this time. I had contractions all night long. At 8 am they checked me again, I was almost 5cm. They talked to the doctor on call and they wanted to give me a shot and try to stop the labor and see if I could hold off a few more weeks. I was sooo frustrated by this time because I had to lay there all night contracting didn't sleep a wink and now your going to try and stop things?!? Luckly for me the shot didn't work. About 10am the doctor came in and broke my water. I called Dax to see where he was and they were headed back to the hospital luckly! After my water was broken the contractions suddenly STOPPED!!! I couldn't believe it. Instead of getting more intense they were stopping but there was no turning back. They started some pitocin and that started things up again. I layed there for a while trying to be "tough" and then I decided I couldn't take anymore and I asked for my epidural. It took forever for the guy to come in and do it and by that time I was in lots of pain and getting really grumpy. Once they finally came in and got it in I was doing better pain wise after about 30 minutes, they only problem was that it made me really tired. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I layed there for about an hour when I started feeling like it was time to push. I told the nurse I was having lots of pressure she checked me and said "wow, your ready to have a baby!" I pushed for about 30 minutes and then we got to welcome our beautiful baby girl into the world. Zoey Byrnn was born on January 24 at 3:25 pm! She weighed 5# 5oz and was 18 1/4 in long. She was so tiny and so perfect. A good friend came up the the hospital to help with Rilan while I was delivering, as soon as I was cleaned up and Zoey was assessed we let him come in and meet his little sister. I think he immediately feel in love with her just as Dax and I did. About 30 minutes after she was born my parents arrived and then a few hours later Dax's mom came. I can't believe Zoey is 12 weeks old already! Time is flying by.I can't believe how much she has changed already! She doubled her weight by 2 months! She did some serious catching up but I hope she slows the growing down because I can hardly remember how small she was already!

New Computer

Well I hope I am going to get back to blogging! I got a new MacBook so hopefully now that I don't have to go upstairs to the office everytime I want to blog I can keep up with it much better! I am in the process of getting a new layout and design going. I am still trying to get all my photos uploaded so when I finish I will have a update blog with all the photos from the last few months!

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