Saturday, April 24, 2010

So we went to eat lunch today at The Cheesecake Factory. What a waste of time! We love eating there because we don't get to go very often. We waited about 10 minutes to be seated, not bad at all for a Saturday afternoon! We sat down ordered drinks and went down hill from there! We ordered some hummus to start off with, that took at least 30 minutes to get, while we were waiting on that we had ordered our lunch, I got orange chicken and Dax had ordered a turkey sandwich, salad, and soup of the day. Rilan just wanted some strawberries and whipped cream! Go figure! I still have no clue how this child stays so skinny! :)

We waited at least an hour for our lunch before we told them to just forget about it. The manager came over and said they were on the way with our food, I'd had it by then and so we told them we didn't want it anymore. They boxed it up for us and gave us 2 pieces of the red velvet cheesecake! We came home and tried to eat although it wasn't good anymore! Oh well at least we have some yummy cheesecake to eat this evening!

I was so disappointed about our service I think that one of the only places I have been and never had one problem! We ended up with a $13 check though. I know for sure that is the cheapest meal we have ever had there! Hopefully we have better luck next time! 

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