Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Half a year already?!

So I have been in a horrible funk about Zoey being 6 months old already. I didn't even want to write this post just because it makes me so sad. Dax and I had decided that we only wanted to have 2 kids. I guess it just makes me sad to know we won't ever have another baby in our house. But she is growing weather I like it or not. 

We had a good day on Saturday. We ran some errands in the morning getting ready for her photo shoot we were going to do at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Dax and Rilan ran to pick up something for his dirt bike that is finally running again. Once we all got back to the house we loaded up in the yukon and went to a antique store hoping to find some cute vintage props for the photos, no such luck unless we wanted to spend $1000s!

Even though it was still soo hot out we headed to the gardens and took a few photos until we had a melt down. I got some pretty good photos but I am looking forward to taking more in a few days!
The start of our melt down!

I couldn't not take Rilan's photos! Isn't he cute?!

Zoey at 6 months you:
  • You weight about 15#
  • You still wear a size 2 diaper
  • You still wear some 0-3 month clothes although the 3-6 month are starting to fit much better
  • You have a bottle 4-5 times a day and take 5-8 ounces
  • You eat twice a day, for breakfast you usually have a fruit and oatmeal and for dinner you have a veggie and organic brown rice
  • You have eaten almost all the 1st foods, I haven't found a thing you won't eat
  • You are great at rolling now
  • You started sitting up unsupported a few days before you turned 6 months
  • You are almost always happy
  • You like to spit and blow bubbles, I think you are trying to cut teeth
  • You have the cutest sweetest laugh ever
  • You are still a great sleeper at night, we are working on getting a better schedule for naps!
  • If anything is in your reach, its in your hands.
  • You are very aware of everything around you.
  • We got you a Baby Einstein exersaucer and you love playing in it until you get frustrated with one of the toys and you want out!
 I love you sweet baby girl.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 Months Old

Due to us being out of town all last week I am just now getting Zoey's 5 month post up.
I took this before we left last Thursday.

Zoey, I can't believe you are already 5 months old. Time is going by wayy to fast. I wish I could make time stop so I can enjoy you this small a little longer.  Before I know it you will be 4. 

At 5 months you:
  • You weigh about 13-14 lbs.
  • You are in a size 2 diaper
  • You still wear 0-3 month clothes
  • You have a bottle about 4 times a day, you drink anywhere from 4-6oz.
  • You started eating by spoon
  • You eat once in the morning and once in the evening
  • You have eaten rice, oatmeal, pea, and pears, apples, and squash.
  • You roll over from your back to your tummy and tummy to back but only going to the left.
  • You are sleeping through the night still, and in your room!
  • We have started trying to get you to take a nap in your room, but it usually doesn't last too long before you are awake again.
  • You love to watch Rilan play and laugh at him a lot.
  • I think I may go bald on the bottom of my head from you always pulling my hair! 
  • You laugh when I sing to you.
  • You love to lay on the bed and watch me put my make-up on! I can't wait to show you how to wear make-up one day! 
  • You are trying so hard to sit up
  • I think you are going to have bottom teeth soon, you are drooling a TON and get pretty fussy sometimes because of them.
  • You grab everything you can get your sweet little hands on

I love you so much baby girl. You have been such a joy, I can't wait to see what the next 5 months bring.

Love you, Mommy

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