Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 2 Totals

It was a bit of a crazy week. I was away from the house 2 days this week all day and didn't eat right. I think that has a lot to do with why I didn't do as well as I had hoped but I did still loose. I have one week left and I hope to see great results. I am not leaving my house all week to help ensure that I do the best I possibly can. 

Week 2 Inches Lost:
Waist -0in
Hip -1.25
Thigh -.25
Chest -.50
Bicep -0in

Total inches lost week 2 -2in.
Total Inches lost -8.25

Week 2 weight loss -4.4 pounds
Total weight loss 12 pounds

My goal was to loose 20 pounds and I really don't see me being able to loose 8 pounds this week but I am going to give it my best shot. I would really like to loose a lot of inches this week too. I was hoping to loose as many inches as weight but again I don't see that happening. I am going to spend some of the weekend trying to prepare meals for the week so I don't have to do as much cooking during the week. (That didn't happen.) Cooking 6-7 meals a day really isn't what I call fun! Lunch I usually have to cook the kids separate things and then myself something, and then for dinner I have to cook something for each of us if Dax isn't eating the same thing as me. I love to cook, but not that many meal a day!! I can't wait to be on maintenance and be able to cook less everyday!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 1 Totals

Week 1 Inches lost:
Waist -1in
Hip -1.75in
Thigh -1in
Chest -2.5in
Bicep -0in
Total inches lots -6.25 inches! 

Week 1 Weight loss:
Day 1- Starting Weight
Day 2- +.8
Day 3- +1.6
Day 4- -2.2
Day 5- -2.4
Day 6- -1.2
Day 7- -1
Day 8- -.8
Week 1 Total Weight Loss -5.2 from starting weight -7.6 since 500 calorie portion started!   

I added in my weight from Saturday morning of day 8 since last Saturday morning was my starting weight.

I hope next week goes just as good if not better, now that I know I was having a few foods I wasn't suppose to have. I hope cutting them out will help me A LOT!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 7

Today marks 1 week on my HCG diet. I am so happy I have accomplished a week. A week I never thought I would be able to make it through. Although, it's only day 5 of the 500 calorie portion of the diet.

Since I gained a little weight during the loading days it has seemed like I haven't lost as much weight as I would have like but I have lost 4.4 from my starting weight and since Monday I have lost 6.8! Too bad I gained! I can't wait to see how I did today when I weight in the morning.

I will update how many inches and total weight lost for week one on Sunday. Thanks for following me in this journey. 

PS. I can see there are lots of you reading, don't be afraid to leave a comment! :)

Last night I cooked spaghetti squash, you can't have that. You can't have yellow squash either, which I've had a lot of. ahhhh

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 6

Today is day 6, almost done with my first week. I never thought I was going to make it this far and I am so proud of myself! I am down 1.2 from yesterday for a total of 3.4 pounds lost! I went down to the next "10 bracket" and I vow right now to never go back to the other! 

My headache is almost gone!

I woke up this morning more hungry than normal so I had half of my 1st fruit serving when I got up and then the other half this afternoon. I will have my last serving while watching the Mavs game tonight. I made spaghetti tonight from spaghetti squash and a homemade meat sauce. I took one look and wanted to gag, but it was actually really good!! haha

Tomorrow I will do my last daily post then will go to weekly ones. I feel annoying posting these everyday. On Sunday I will do a post with my total weight lost for the week and how much I lost in inches. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 5

I went to bed really discouraged last night. I can't seem to get rid of my headache. This morning I am feeling much better although I still have a slight headache, its nothing like it was yesterday. 

I am SO SO happy to say that I am finally below my starting weight! I have lost 2.2 pounds. I was really hoping to be at 5-7 pounds lost by day 7 so we will see if I can do it. My goal was to loose 20 pounds and I'm beginning to think that may not happen. If I could loose at least 17 pounds I would be where I was at when I lost 25 pounds the first time I did weight watchers. So maybe that is my new goal even though I would LOVE to loose 20. 

7:45- 1st Drops


12:00- Lunch


1:00- 2nd Drops 

4:00- Snack


8:30- Snack

9:00- 3rd Drops

I had to make a run to the grocery store tonight so I am late getting my last drops in. I hope it doesn't effect where I am in the morning. I also think I may be a little short on water. I hope not but I drank out of a few bottles today so I lost count. I am really anxious to see where I am at in the morning. Goodnight y'all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 4

Today is day 4, didn't start off good again. I went to bed last night with a terrible headache and woke up with it. I have had it all day long and can't seem to get rid of it. I am hoping its my body adjusting to eating right and no sugar or caffeine. Although I have been having bad ones which I think are due to a accident I was involved in my senior year of high school where I fractured my skull.

I need to go back to the grocery store but have not had time due to Dax working late hours and having 2 wild children with me. It's usually not a big deal but when I really need to think about what I need its more chaos than its worth to take them both kids with me.

This morning when I weighed I was still up .2 from my starting weight. I was really wanting to be below my starting weight but I knew with gaining some during the loading days it was going to be hard to do. I just hope tomorrow I see a good drop.

8:20- 1st drops

9:00- water

12:00- Lunch

3:15- 2nd drops

3:45- Snack- 1st serving of fruit

7:00- Dinner

8:00- 3rd Drops

8:30- 2nd fruit serving

Let's pray for good results in the morning! Goodnight y'all!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 3

Today started the 500 calorie portion of the diet. I woke up in a pretty foul mood. I am so nervous about this. I actually cried 2 times yesterday due to feeling so overwhelmed. I am such a picky eater, I don't like many veggies and so that really limits what I can eat. I worry I will get sick of having the same things over and over for 21 days.
I am trying to be as honest as possible, I want to have this as record as to what I accomplished and for others who might want to try this. I know it works, I've seen a ton of people who have done it and kept the weight off, but that doesn't mean that its going to be a cake walk.

8:20- 1st Drops

9:00 - Water

12:00- 2nd Drops

12:30 - Lunch with lots of water.

5:30- 3rd Drops

6:00- Dinner

I ended up drinking just over 2 liters of water today. I haven't been the best at drinking water lately so this was a ton for me.

At lunch I was feeling really positive and then after eating dinner and adding up my calories I got really nervous. 500 calories go even faster than I imagined they would. I knew not to expect to get much but was stunned when I actually added it up. I pray to see a loss in the morning. I have a feeling it will not be a good day if I don't. I just don't want to get discouraged this early on....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 1 & 2

The first 2 days are "loading days." Which means you eat as much as you can. It is preferred for you to eat foods with lots of good fat. Such as avocado, tuna, salmon, pork, nuts, cheese, ect. But, you can eat anything you want.

Your body will use these stored fats at the beginning of your 500 calorie diet so its vital to eat as much as you can.

I took all my measurement and weighed first thing this morning. I also took before photos. I hate to post them because I am already a very unconfident person. So, this makes me even more insecure, but I know that in 3 weeks I will look different.

Those love handles make me sick, hopefully those will be less noticeable soon!

It is very common to gain weight the first few days. I gained .8 between the first and second day and we'll see where I am at in the morning.

Tonight I am very nervous for what tomorrow and the coming days will bring. I am trying so hard to think good thoughts, but to be honest, I am very scared of loosing my will power and quitting. I know that I want this change, and it will be a big one, but I just hope I can keep a positive attitude through all of this. I know I will be so much happier with myself in 3 weeks if I can push through it.

For those of you who have sent kind words of encouragement I truly appreciate it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

HCG Diet

When I graduated from high school I was still a pretty small girl. I wore a size 4 jeans VERY low on my hips and showed my belly. I just didn't care....

Fast Forward 16 months, I had gained so much weight I was wearing a size 10!! I hated that I had gained weight but didn't really do anything about it. I was very active in high school, cheering and tumbling 4-5 days a week, then suddenly stopped and didn't add any physical activity in to replace all that I had been doing since I was 3 years old! NOT A GOOD IDEA!! 

Four months after Dax and I got married we found out we were expecting. I don't even want to try and remember how much weight I gained while I was pregnant with Rilan. A LOT. I struggled to loose weight but had a horrible case of Postpartum Depression with him. Which kept me from ever really trying that hard. When he was about 10 months old we moved back home to Lubbock and I started working in a salon with 3 other girls. They all dressed so cute and I just felt so frumpy and ugly. It lit a spark for me to change. When we had to move back to DFW I started Weight Watchers and lost about 25 pounds over 4-5 months. My aunt passed away that December, right before I hit the 25 mark. I knew I wanted to accomplish hit 25 lbs. and just be able to feel good about myself. Even though I still had a WAY to go to my goal. 

Soon after hitting the 25 pound goal I completely gave up. Which was REALLY dumb, you live and learn I guess. When we moved to the house we are in now I knew I needed to start going back but I put it off. A month and a half after moving in we found out we were expecting again. I didn't gain nearly as much weight with Zoey as I did with Rilan but I was already heavier than I was with him so it wasn't good. I kept saying I was going to start dieting and never did. I took some medicine my doctor gave me to help jump start and lost about 20 pounds that way. I stopped taking it once it started getting hot outside because one of the side effects is hot flashes and I was already having horrible ones. There was no way I could have survived those hot flashes. 

I started back to Weight Watchers a few months ago but fell off the wagon really quick. Not because it doesn't work, it's actually my preference, but Rilan had soccer on Saturday mornings. Of course, that was the only day I could go that Dax could watch the kids for me. So I stopped. I lost about 5 pounds and have kept it off. 

So here we are now, still unhappy and fat. BLAH. A friend has a business that sells HCG drops. I had wanted to give it a try when Zoey was about 6 months old, but I was so out of wack (ppd again) I gave up before I started. I asked her about them again this week and she offered to send me some more drops and I am actually looking forward to accomplishing it this time.

It's only a 21 day diet, 3 weeks, I CAN do that. Each day I am going to post my meals and how I feel. Something to help hold me accountable, and maybe if anyone who reads thinks "I can't" I hope I can be that person who shows them you CAN.

My goal is to loose 20 pounds this first go around. I am planning on doing the diet twice with 3 weeks between each round. I hope by the time I have done each round I will be 40-45 pound down. I don't really want to share how much I weight but will blog how much I loose each day. Maybe once I am down to my goal weight I will share how much I weight, maybe not. 

I am also going to post my measurements to see how many inches I loose. Because actually that's what I care about most, inches lost not a number on the scale. 

I hope that you will follow my journey and help keep me motivated.

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