Friday, June 3, 2011

HCG Diet

When I graduated from high school I was still a pretty small girl. I wore a size 4 jeans VERY low on my hips and showed my belly. I just didn't care....

Fast Forward 16 months, I had gained so much weight I was wearing a size 10!! I hated that I had gained weight but didn't really do anything about it. I was very active in high school, cheering and tumbling 4-5 days a week, then suddenly stopped and didn't add any physical activity in to replace all that I had been doing since I was 3 years old! NOT A GOOD IDEA!! 

Four months after Dax and I got married we found out we were expecting. I don't even want to try and remember how much weight I gained while I was pregnant with Rilan. A LOT. I struggled to loose weight but had a horrible case of Postpartum Depression with him. Which kept me from ever really trying that hard. When he was about 10 months old we moved back home to Lubbock and I started working in a salon with 3 other girls. They all dressed so cute and I just felt so frumpy and ugly. It lit a spark for me to change. When we had to move back to DFW I started Weight Watchers and lost about 25 pounds over 4-5 months. My aunt passed away that December, right before I hit the 25 mark. I knew I wanted to accomplish hit 25 lbs. and just be able to feel good about myself. Even though I still had a WAY to go to my goal. 

Soon after hitting the 25 pound goal I completely gave up. Which was REALLY dumb, you live and learn I guess. When we moved to the house we are in now I knew I needed to start going back but I put it off. A month and a half after moving in we found out we were expecting again. I didn't gain nearly as much weight with Zoey as I did with Rilan but I was already heavier than I was with him so it wasn't good. I kept saying I was going to start dieting and never did. I took some medicine my doctor gave me to help jump start and lost about 20 pounds that way. I stopped taking it once it started getting hot outside because one of the side effects is hot flashes and I was already having horrible ones. There was no way I could have survived those hot flashes. 

I started back to Weight Watchers a few months ago but fell off the wagon really quick. Not because it doesn't work, it's actually my preference, but Rilan had soccer on Saturday mornings. Of course, that was the only day I could go that Dax could watch the kids for me. So I stopped. I lost about 5 pounds and have kept it off. 

So here we are now, still unhappy and fat. BLAH. A friend has a business that sells HCG drops. I had wanted to give it a try when Zoey was about 6 months old, but I was so out of wack (ppd again) I gave up before I started. I asked her about them again this week and she offered to send me some more drops and I am actually looking forward to accomplishing it this time.

It's only a 21 day diet, 3 weeks, I CAN do that. Each day I am going to post my meals and how I feel. Something to help hold me accountable, and maybe if anyone who reads thinks "I can't" I hope I can be that person who shows them you CAN.

My goal is to loose 20 pounds this first go around. I am planning on doing the diet twice with 3 weeks between each round. I hope by the time I have done each round I will be 40-45 pound down. I don't really want to share how much I weight but will blog how much I loose each day. Maybe once I am down to my goal weight I will share how much I weight, maybe not. 

I am also going to post my measurements to see how many inches I loose. Because actually that's what I care about most, inches lost not a number on the scale. 

I hope that you will follow my journey and help keep me motivated.

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