Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 1 & 2

The first 2 days are "loading days." Which means you eat as much as you can. It is preferred for you to eat foods with lots of good fat. Such as avocado, tuna, salmon, pork, nuts, cheese, ect. But, you can eat anything you want.

Your body will use these stored fats at the beginning of your 500 calorie diet so its vital to eat as much as you can.

I took all my measurement and weighed first thing this morning. I also took before photos. I hate to post them because I am already a very unconfident person. So, this makes me even more insecure, but I know that in 3 weeks I will look different.

Those love handles make me sick, hopefully those will be less noticeable soon!

It is very common to gain weight the first few days. I gained .8 between the first and second day and we'll see where I am at in the morning.

Tonight I am very nervous for what tomorrow and the coming days will bring. I am trying so hard to think good thoughts, but to be honest, I am very scared of loosing my will power and quitting. I know that I want this change, and it will be a big one, but I just hope I can keep a positive attitude through all of this. I know I will be so much happier with myself in 3 weeks if I can push through it.

For those of you who have sent kind words of encouragement I truly appreciate it.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Good luck! You can do it! While your scales are dropping mine will be going up. I'll be jealous if you real soon:)

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