Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 Months Old

Due to us being out of town all last week I am just now getting Zoey's 5 month post up.
I took this before we left last Thursday.

Zoey, I can't believe you are already 5 months old. Time is going by wayy to fast. I wish I could make time stop so I can enjoy you this small a little longer.  Before I know it you will be 4. 

At 5 months you:
  • You weigh about 13-14 lbs.
  • You are in a size 2 diaper
  • You still wear 0-3 month clothes
  • You have a bottle about 4 times a day, you drink anywhere from 4-6oz.
  • You started eating by spoon
  • You eat once in the morning and once in the evening
  • You have eaten rice, oatmeal, pea, and pears, apples, and squash.
  • You roll over from your back to your tummy and tummy to back but only going to the left.
  • You are sleeping through the night still, and in your room!
  • We have started trying to get you to take a nap in your room, but it usually doesn't last too long before you are awake again.
  • You love to watch Rilan play and laugh at him a lot.
  • I think I may go bald on the bottom of my head from you always pulling my hair! 
  • You laugh when I sing to you.
  • You love to lay on the bed and watch me put my make-up on! I can't wait to show you how to wear make-up one day! 
  • You are trying so hard to sit up
  • I think you are going to have bottom teeth soon, you are drooling a TON and get pretty fussy sometimes because of them.
  • You grab everything you can get your sweet little hands on

I love you so much baby girl. You have been such a joy, I can't wait to see what the next 5 months bring.

Love you, Mommy

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