Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

I am late, as usual, but I have a good reason! :) We had a great weekend but on Sunday I started feeling awful and went to the doctor on Monday with strep! I am just now starting to feel better. Both kids had it a few month ago and Dax had it a few weeks ago but none of them had the sore throat like I had. It was awful! 

Anyway, back to the fun of our weekend! My parents came into town on Friday and I meet them at Cowboys Stadium to park the RV and go grab a bite to eat. Dax and Rilan came and meet us after Rilan got out of school on Friday. Dax decided he would just rather cook out than take Zoey to eat somewhere since she had been sick with a sinus infection and pink eye. We thew some sausage on the grill and had some birthday cake to celebrate Dax turning 31! 

The boys stayed in the RV and us girls decided to come back to our house and get our beauty rest! ha! After we got ready we headed back to Arlington to go and meet the guys to play in the pits for awhile. As soon as we got the the stadium it started raining so we all just went inside to watch practice. Both the kids LOVED watching the guys ride!

After we watched the first few rounds of practice we headed back to the trailer so the kids could take naps before the night show. The RV parking lot is about 3 blocks from where the entrance is so by the time we got back we were SOAKED. We got the kids down and my Mom and I made a quick run to Old Navy to buy new jeans. I forgot to bring any extra clothes for myself, and I was not about to stay in sopping wet clothes! After naps we headed back to the stadium. 

Rilan was so excited! He usually doesn't have a favorite rider, but on Saturday he as ALL about Chad Reed! Reed placed 2nd in his heat race and was riding the best I have ever seen him ride in the main, until he crashed. You would have seriously thought Rilan's world was falling on top of him. I have never seen him get so upset about someone crashing! Rilan has been around motocross since he was born and has never been so upset by a crash. It was absolutely hilarious on one had and ridiculous on the other! He was bawling! I have a video of him that my Mom took and its just pitiful! I am sitting here laughing thinking about it! 

Photo from Motocross.com
The crash ended up hurting Chad pretty bad. He broke 2 ribs, fractured a vertebra, tore his ACL, and fractured his tib and fib! Needless to say he is out for the season, and the remaining 10 races just got very boring! 

Rilan cried for a good hour and a half about! He even went straight to the RV and colored Chad a get well picture! :)

So that about sums up our weekend. I hate I don't have a single photo of the kids, good think my Mom was there to get some! :) 

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