Saturday, June 12, 2010

Granda came to town.

This is a very random post!

Last Saturday while Dax and Rilan went to watch the motocross at Freestone the girls, Granda(my mom), Zoey, and I had a girls weekend!

Dax sent me a few photos of Rilan to my phone while they were watching the races.

Here is Rilan eating some Cheetos. We laugh all the time because he hears us talking about who is sponsored by different people and he told us he is sponsored by Cheetos!
Quick nap in between races.
Bretton's bike with a Flux sticker on the front fender.

Saturday morning Zoey and I ran to Sewing World to get my sewing machine worked on and then about 30 minutes after we got home my mom arrived. We went to eat lunch then headed off to do a little shopping. I was wanting to go and buy some more fabric, I know shocker! haha Mom was wanting to go and look for some scrapbooking stuff since she has now retired from teaching after 33 years and has converted one of the bedrooms into her "scrapbooking room."

I think Zoey had fun shopping with Granda and I! 
After we got done shopping we came home and just hung out for the rest of the evening. Sunday morning we took it easy and then went to eat at Jason's Deli before the boys headed back home.
Rilan was so excited to see my mom when he got back. He couldn't stop telling us all about the race and how much fun he had. Thanks Jana, Dennis, and Bretton for letting the guys stay with yall! Rilan is already talking about going back next year! 

Mom stayed with us until Thursday then headed back home. We sure do miss you Granda!

While she was here I got to do a little sewing. I made a few little things and then I made a reversible tote bag for Zoey. I won't reverse it but I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. I think I may try to sell some. They are much larger than they look. Prefect for a diaper bag, putting things in for travel or whatever. I love it. 

Up close of the applique.

While Granda was here Zoey ate for the first time with a spoon. I mixed the rice cereal with pear juice and she LOVED it. I couldn't believe she ate it all with not much mess! She is now up to 4 teaspoons and will start her first baby food tomorrow or Monday. I can't believe its already that time. From the way she loves her cereal I think she is going to be a much better eater than Rilan. He has always been picky and still is!

I think it looks like she didn't like it but trust me, she did! haha

Zoey had another first while Granda was here, she rolled over for the first time by herself! We all just kept watching her non stop because she had been so close to doing it and we didn't want to miss it. Dax, Rilan, Mom, and I were all in the living room staring at her laying on the floor and she would get so close then roll back to her back and try again and roll back to her back. We knew it would be long, we started talking for a few seconds then looked over at her again and she had rolled over! We missed it! :( So I rolled her back over to her back and she did it again and again! We were so happy but bummed we had given up and she did it! She only will roll to her left but she will roll from her back to her tummy and then roll back to her back and just keep going across the floor!

We got an order in from Ashley at SheShe Made this week. I could not be more pleased with the way Zoey's rompers turned out. I love love love them. When I ordered I told her I needed something for the summer that would be cool for a outdoor wedding in July. She delivered! Because I ordered 2 and absolutely love both I can't decide which one I want her to wear to the wedding now! ha

This is the other one.

Aren't they both just precious? How am I suppose to decide?! Maybe you can decide for me in my comments!

One last thing. Here is a bib I made for Khyler. I have been having so much fun making baby things. I still have a few more gifts I need to get done for friends having babies or who just had them. I will post those once I am done with them.

Okay I think I am done. Sorry for the randomness! :)


Ashley said...

Ok, she is just an adorable model!!! If you can try and take another of her in the pink one with a solid brown or black background, I would love to add it to my website as the product picture!! And I vote on the pink for the wedding if it is outdoors, otherwise the green for indoors! Cute pics!

Nick and Natalie said...

I love the sseesucker. Precious. What size is she in now. Loved her bikini too mom. Your thevbest!!!!

Britni said...

Thanks Ashley! I will take some more and let you choose which you like!

Nat- She is still wearing mostly 0-3 month, some 3-6 is starting to fit! Isn't that the cutest bikini! I got it a Gymboree! I can't wait to see you and Miss Tenley in about 2 weeks!!!!

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