Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall soccer 2010

Rilan started soccer a few weeks ago. We have only had 2 games because the second was canceled due to rain. He is doing much better than he did last year although I think he would rather play with the kids than play soccer! Oh well he is cute out there and having fun so we don't care! We have lots of time before we need to ever think about taking sports serious! 

Not real sure what he is doing! 


Bumble Bees!
Alexia, Issiah, Landree, Austin, Rilan, Jordan, Bobbi, and Anthony

My little cutie and I. I made her a onesie and bow to wear to Rilan's games! I thought it turned out pretty darn cute!
The front says "Soccer Sister" and I added some rhinestones and the back is his number!

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