Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a day!!

Last Wednesday Zoey went to the doctor and had a double ear infection. She started antibiotic and on Sunday she started running a fever. By the night it was about 103-104. So I called and made her another doctor appointment. They said it was more than likely a "fever virus" and that it would just have to run its course. Her ears looked great. Her doctor also told me not to be surprised if she started to get a pink rash once her fever broke. 
Yesterday she still had a fever all day and as the day got on she starting getting a rash. I called the doctor and they said it was more than likely due to the virus and to give her Benadryl. Last night I woke her up to give her more medicine and it looked AWFUL! I even cried because I was so worried.

I was hoping that by this morning it would look at little better, but it was even worse than last night. I had to get ready and head out the door to run several errands before Rilan had his Pre-Registration for kindergarten. One stop was by the pedi office to get his shot record. I asked to talk to the nurse so I could show her the photo I tweeted of Zoey's rash. When they saw what it looked like they wanted to see her and told me to call D and have him bring her in right away. 

I got to the car called D to tell him to get Zoey dressed that they wanted to see her. I came back home and got Rilan so I could go and finish getting my errands done and take him to registration and D took Zo to the doctor. 

Her pedi has no clue what it is. They ended up giving her a shot and a prescription for a steroid. They have no clue if it will help or not but its a start to getting this yucky rash off of her. I pray it works. I hate seeing my baby girl like this. 

Her face is pretty bad still, but its gotten to where they are so many bumps they have clustered together to pretty much cover her entire face. He tummy and back and legs have also gotten worse since I took these photos this morning right after she woke up. 

Please say a prayer that we can figure out what this is and get it cleared up. I am so ready for my girl to start feeling better.

1 comment:

Todd and Courtney said...

oh my gosh!!!! Hopefully it will cleared up super super fast. Poor baby girl.

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