Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HCG Week 3

I am so behind on getting this posted! 

I finished up week 3 two and a half weeks ago! I have a few more days on maintenance and I'm DONE! Just in time for vacation! YAY!

Week 3 I lost 2.7 pounds
Total weight loss 16.4

Inches lost
Waist -1.25
Hips -1.5
Thighs -.75
Chest -.25
Bicep -.5
Total Inches lost week 3 -4.25 inches
Total inches lost -13.5

I am so happy with the results. I haven't taken measurements anymore but plan to at the end of the week. I have lost a few more pounds over the past week. I am not .4 shy of 20 pounds lost! I could not be more pleased. Its not been a easy 6 weeks but it has very much been worth it. My pants are very loose now and I will need to get new ones soon, you can only pull them up so many times before its quite annoying!

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