Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Play Group

We went to play group for the first time today! I was soo stressed last night about it. Worried about what people would think about me, worried about how Rilan would act....ect! 

I wish I hadn't worried so much, we had a great time! Rilan did so good considering how hard headed he can be! :) Zoey didn't even make a peep the whole time. I just held her or sat her on the floor and she was happy as can be.

Here is my little stinker before we left. I wish I would have gotten a photo of Rilan before we left but oh well. I took ones of him there and not her! 
 Rilan on the balance beam.

A new friend Ashley who told me about the group, daughter Ava. Ashley has a clothing business and makes custom outfits and bows!

Ava doing a front roll.

Rilan not sure what he is doing!

Thinking about something...

Jumping on the travel tramp.

We had a great time today and looking forward to the next time we get to get together with these ladies and kiddos.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Love these pics and I am so glad you came!! And just check out Ava's form with that forward roll. Impressive. HA!!

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