Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Favs

I stole this from Kodi...

Favorite Color(s): Pink and Aqua Blue

Favorite Book: Uhmm I don't get to read often but I finished Crazy Love about a month ago and I LOVED it!

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Activity: Spending time with my family.

Favorite Movie: Footloose

Favorite Memory: The weekend that started the relationship between me and my Hubby. 

Favorite Shoes: yellow box sandals, toms

Favorite Jewelry: wedding ring

Favorite beauty product: CONCEALER!!

Favorite Male Celebrity: Uhmm not really sure. I think Rob Dyrdek is HILARIOUS. Not a crush or anything, I just think he is super funny!  

Favorite Female Celebrity: As of last week, Katherine Jenkins! She is sooo cute! 

Favorite Splurge: mani/pedi

Favorite song: Where I Belong- Building 429 

Favorite nail color: Right now I'm rockin' Turquoise and Caicos 

Favorite Ice Cream flavor: Vanilla or Butter Pecan

So, what are your favorites? 

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TheVodkaParty said...

I can't wait for Monday's episode. This has already been a season of surprises on DTWS, but perhaps the biggest surprise is Katherine Jenkins, the Brit classical songbird with a voice like a nightingale and elegance to spare. But is it me, or is she a heavenly doppleganger for another stylish and sophisticated English import - Lady Penelope of The Thunderbirds (the original ITV Supermarionation TV Series from the mid-60s)? You be the judge:

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