Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012 Part 1

Summer vacation, oh how I loved you! 

We had so much fun on vacation this year, but I will have to say I sure did miss the wonderful and cool Colorado mountains! 

We had planned on going back to Colorado this summer, but it just didn't work out so we headed to San Antonio instead!

My parents were able to go with us and the kids LOVED having their Granda and Pops come along on all our adventures.

We left early last Friday and Mom and I stopped in San Marcos at the outlet malls to do a little shopping while the guys and kids headed to the hotel for some swimming.

We got a ton of clothes for the kids at a great price!! I am already planning my next shopping trip, who is in?! 

On Saturday and Sunday we spent ALL day at Sea World. They have a new water park that just opened in May and the kids loved it. 

Ready to head into the park!

 Sea World San Antonio

One of my favorite shows is Azul.

This guy cracked me up!!

Zoey spend most of her time with her hands over her ears during shows or when she didn't want to do something. It's become her new "thing."

I was SO annoyed the whole time during One Ocean. The chick in front of me had hear dad gum camera up in my face from the row in front the entire time! I have not one single photo without her camera showing! Not to mention it made it even more difficult to watch the show. :: End Rant:: :)

Granda and Pops at One Ocean. 

Love my little family!

That ended the photos from day 1. I thought my camera battery was charged, it wasn't! BOO!

On day 2 Dax and I rode Journey to Atlantis with my Mom and then again with my Dad to get a quick cool down before starting the day and then we headed to watch the ski show, Cool Vibrations. 

It was such a cute show, I think it was Rilan and Pops' favorite!

After the ski show we fed the dolphins and sea lions and then cooled off with a sweet treat.

Next we were off to the water park from some relaxing and cooling off. And naps! 

After a long day it was time for the last showing of Shamu Rocks of the summer. Rilan LOVED it!

I didn't get many great photos but I have memories that will last a lifetime. Seeing the joy on Rilan and Zoey's faces will never be forgotten. 

We had such a blast and Rilan is already planning our next trip! 

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