Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm not sure I live in Texas anymore

What a crazy 2 weeks we have had here in North Texas! We got tons of ice and a little snow last week and it actually caused Dax to only be able to get to work one day last week! Even all the schools were canceled Tuesday through Friday!

 After a few days of being locked up in the house we had to venture to the grocery store to get a few necessities and take Zoey to the doctor. She had a terrible cough, I knew it was croup and tired to treat it at home as best I could but it just wasn't working so we made our way to Grapevine to make sure it hadn't settled into her chest. Poor girl still has a runny nose! 

On Friday it actually snowed quite a bit and we were able to go out and play for a bit. The snow was such a dry powder it was hard to really do anything but walk around but we had fun anway, well until Dax threw snow down my pants! (Momma wasn't thrilled about this at all!!)

We are now inside again today with the next round of snow/ice! I am so happy its not suppose to be a week long thing again, I am ready for some sunshine!!

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