Sunday, February 20, 2011

A trip to the Zoo!

We decided yesterday when we woke up that since it was such a beautiful day out we should go some where and enjoy the warm weather! We had told Rilan a few weeks ago that we would go to the aquarium but we though the Fort Worth Zoo would be a better place since the weather was so beautiful.

We got there around 2 and it was PACKED! I have never been to the Zoo when they have closed the front parking lot and had to open up a huge field across the street. As soon as we parked, on the last row, they had to close that parking lot! It was crazy! 

Once we got in we headed to see the monkeys first. They always seem to put on a show and make Rilan laugh! Zoey even acted like she liked the silly monkeys!

Rilan was sitting on a rock watching, he looked at me to tell me something and I snapped a photo. Once he realized what I was doing he quickly turned his head back the other way! Stinker!!

Next up was the cheetah. They are usually pacing back and fourth making me nervous wreck, but this time there was just one laying were all could see him! Rilan loved getting a good look.

Dax was trying to show Zoey the cheetah.

The zebras were next. Rilan gets so excited every time we see the zebras because Dax's mom loves them!

Not very often anymore will Rilan let me take a photo of him, so to say I was thrilled when he let me take his photo with the elephant was an understatement!

Zoey got to take a ride of Daddy's shoulders.

When we got to the tiger exhibit it got a little crazy, there was one that kept on making noises and roaring. Rilan freaked a little, but I assured him that we were ok. 

One of the tigers got on a ledge and Rilan was sure it was about to jump towards us!

Right after the tigers we saw the lion and lioness.

All was good when we got there, the lioness was in and out of sleep, the lion was pooping, sorry TMI! ha Then all of a sudden the lion went to the corner and started roaring, loud, it woke up the lioness and she started roaring. The lion exhibit has 2 levels and she was on the top, he was at the bottom, after a few intense minutes of them roaring at who knows what, the lion got up on the top level with her. I have to say at that point I got really nervous, I wasn't sure what they were going to do next so we quickly hurried off to the next thing!

 I didn't get a photo of both together because at that point I was trying to make sure we could RUN if something crazy did happen!

We have made LOTS of trips to the zoo and not one time have I ever heard the tigers or the lions make any noises! The tigers usually are playing and the lions are usually sleeping so to see them up was neat and a little scary at the same time!

We went a looked at the penguins, birds, fish, kangaroos and who knows what else before making our way to ride the train back to the front and head home. We had a fun day and thanks to the tigers and lions a pretty exciting day!

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Angie said...

Looks like a fun time and sounds really fun. I love when the animals get all crazy and wild :)

Isn't this weather wonderful!!

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