Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'll be the first to admit I am NOT a camper. I don't like getting sweaty and the thought of sleeping in a tent on the ground doesn't sound even close to fun. But that has all changed now that my parents bought a new RV. We went and tried it out for the first time this past weekend and we all had a blast. I wish I would have gotten some photos of the trailer, it is really neat. It even has a fenced in porch on the back of it!

The 2.5 hour drive down was AWFUL, we had to stop more times than we did going to Colorado, and that took 9 hours! At one point Zoey was yelling Dadda, Dadda, Dadda! Dax just rested his head on his steering wheel because he was going crazy with her screaming at him and she just died laughing. She is a MESS!!!! Rilan was good and so patient with her but he had to ask 2 times I think to stop and go to the potty. One time after we had just stopped to get them some food! 

Zoey hanging with Pops eating some ice.

Her smile seriously melts my heart!

Dax and my Dad hanging out.

We didn't do much on Friday night since we got there MUCH later than we had planned on. Once we got the kids to calmed down some we got all the beds ready and hit the hay. I can't say I was sweaty camping, I literally FROZE all night! I had no idea that there was an actual thermostat in the trailer, I though it was just either the air is on or off! The second night was MUCH better! :)

Saturday morning we took it easy and set up the porch on the back for the kids to play on while we all were getting ready for the day. After we got dressed Rilan wanted to play baseball and he ended up meeting a sweet family that was parked next to us. They had 3 kids and the youngest was Rilan's age. Their middle child was a little girl and she was soo sweet with both Rilan and Zoey. I think she was around 9 or 10. I wanted to bring her home with me! :) She wanted to hold Zoey so badly and Zoey just wouldn't let her. But if we had been there one more day I bet anything Zoey and her would have been best buds. 

 Rilan calls this his "baby bike" he loves it. I hate it. Its been great for him to learn how to balance, it doesn't have any petals, but he refuses to ride a regular bike. I know he can ride without training wheels and he did this weekend on Cason's bike. He didn't realize he was doing it until I yelled. I was so excited and then he stopped and asked for his bike back! BOO!

Zo riding Rilan's old 4-wheeler. Bailey was helping her not run into anything.

Dax hanging out, you can kinda see the bottom of the porch in this photo.
Dare devil Zoey!

And that is all the photos I took, I wasn't a very good photographer this weekend because we were having way to much fun!

We can't wait for the next time we get to go camping with Pops and Granda!

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