Friday, May 21, 2010

Crazy Week

I am finally home after a week of being gone! Too bad we are only here for a week before we have to do it all again! We went back "home" to see family and to work at our shop in Lubbock and then my Mom had one of her retirement parties.

It was a crazy but good week. We got there on Friday evening and just hung out with my parents and then Saturday all the craziness started! Rilan and my Mom stayed in Tahoka and hung out and got some good Rilan Granda time. Dax and I went to the shop and worked for a while, well I didn't really work! I just kept them company! My Dad, uncle, and some friends came in to look at some stuff for their motorcycles and then I had to go and run some errands. Dax's mom went with me to Babies R Us to get some stuff for my niece Ashley who just had her baby, Kyler. Then we went to KK's Craft Mall to look for some bows and such.

After we did that I wanted to go look for something for the kids to wear for their pictures that we are having taken tomorrow by MckMama. I got a dress for Zoey, when I tired it on her it was way too big. It may fit her by the time summer is over! haha. 

After that I needed to to run to Wal-Mart and get some stuff for a graduation party we were having for my cousin Jynna. When I finished there we went to eat with Dax's family at Outback, went back to Wal-Mart to get more stuff I forgot the first time then headed back to my parents for the night.

On Sunday we were busy getting ready for the party, we went after lunch and did all the decorating went home changed clothes got the kids ready for the party went back cut up all the veggies finished up all the final details and then it was party time! We had a really good crowd show up. I am so very proud of you Jynna. You are such a wonderful Christian example to all. I know that you will be very successful in all you do because of your love for the Lord, never stray.

Table center pieces.

Food table center piece.

On Monday after Rilan got up Dax's parents came and got him to spend the night with them. He loves going to get "bachi rice" with them and going to the "little toy store." Then they went out to Buffalo Lake to the beach so he could play in the sand. Zoey and I took it easy and went and visited my Mom at school then that evening I cut and colored her hair and cut my aunt Jana's hair.

Tuesday I went to Lubbock for a while to help at the shop so Dax's parents could spend a little more time with Rilan. He wanted to go back to the beach to play! After school my Mom came up and we went to the mall to get her something to wear for her retirement party. After we were done shopping we went to eat at Orlandos. Super yummy! Rilan had his "cheesy noodles" and Mom and I shared Down and Dirty Tortellini and Chicken Alfredo. 

On Wednesday my Dad came home from work early and got to hang out with us. Zoey and I hung out inside getting ready for the party that afternoon and Rilan and Pops played out side a lot! Mom came home from work a little early so she could change clothes for the party and off we went. I think she had a really good time. I can't believe she only has one more week of school EVER!! Its so crazy. She has taught in Tahoka for 33 years. She started out in 5th grade, went to 6th grade. Then to 4th and went I was going into the 4th grade she went down to 2nd grade so she wouldn't have to teach my brother or I. She has been in 2nd grade for the last 15 years!! 

Mom, I am so proud of you. You have touched so many peoples lives and I know that you will be missed, but I am glad to have you at home so we can see you more! 

Mom and some of her former teaching partners.

Mom and her current teaching partners, Angela and Shayla.

Mom and Michelle

Posing behind their cake. Between the 3 of them they had 99 years experience!

We got home yesterday evening and I am pooped. I have to find some energy some where though because Dax's mom will be here later today for the weekend and I still have lots of cleaning to do and things to put away from our trip!

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