Friday, May 7, 2010


So today on Kelly's Korner is Kid's Names or future kids names.
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Rilan James
When I got pregnant with Rilan all I wanted to do was find the perfect baby name. I loved the name Chloe after a sweet little girl that I knew and Dax loved the name Brynn so if he was a girl his well her name would have been Chloe Brynn and would have gone by Brynn, luckly he was a boy! I had saw the name Ryland in a baby naming book and immediately fell in love with it. I just didn't care for the D on the end. So I suggested it to Dax and he loved the name too and wanted to change the Y to and I and so we got Rilan. James is after Dax's dad who's name is Jim.

Zoey Brynn
We had a lot more trouble coming up with Zoey's name. For some reason coming up with boy names is easier for us. Well names we agree on! :) If she had been a boy her name would have been Daxin Kane or Daxin Kai. When we found out she was a girl I was so excited, I love Rilan and I am very thankful I had him first, but I was so excited to get to play dress up with a little girl. We loved so many different names for a girl. Dax loved Abigail, Sophia, Zoey, and Brynn. I really loved the name Sophia but it bugged me that it as so popular right now. I loved the name Chloe still but a friend I worked with for a while had named her little girl that so it was easier to give that name up! I also like the name Elle. We finally decided to name her Zoey. Dax still loved the name Brynn and it fit well with Zoey so we got Zoey Brynn. Rilan apparently loves the name Brynn too because this week he has decided that his name needs to be Rilan Brynn! haha 

*We will NOT be having any more children so there are no future kids names! :)*

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