Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Riding Rilan Day!!!

So on Monday my aunt Jana and cousin Bretton came over and spend the night, he had come up to get a bike for Bretton and needed a rest in between driving since Bretton is still hurt. We had so much fun just hanging out and Bretton rubbed off on Rilan a little more. Rilan has so much fun playing "braps" with him. Rilan has this little bike that doesn't have any petals so Bretton got him to just sit on it and push it with his legs and act like it was a motorcycle. It was freaking hillarous watching him ride it. He would get on it and then kick his leg like he was kick starting it and make noises and then get ready on the start line and then just gun it. He played like that all day yesterday. He couldn't even hardly take a nap he was so anxious to get back out side and play some more. I didn't get very many good pictures from the riding, I need to video it! Thanks Bretton for helping him love motocross just a little more! :) Oh and be sure to check out the pancake post below! :) 2 post in one day! WOW!

1 comment:

Holly Hunt said...

This is such an amazinf picture of Rilan. It's looks so professional. You are so good with your new "jazzy" camera! I mgiht be calling you to fill in as our photographer, HA HA!

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