Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breckenridge in Review...

Leslie, Kristin, Brooke, & Me

View from the drive way.

We had an amazing time in Breckenridge. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and now I want out of Texas! :) We got there on Thursday about 1 and drove through Denver a little bit, got to see where Dax used to live and went to school at the Art Institute, and the Capital Building. Then we headed off to Breckenridge. Gosh what a beautiful drive. We got there ate lunch and went to the grocery store to get a few things and then decided to see if we could check in early! We could so we went to the condo and got all settled in and then hung out for a bit waiting on our friends to arrive. Ethan and Leslie who live down the road from us were there along with Ethan's sister Brooke and her husband Andy and then a couple friend of Ethan and Leslie's from college Kristin and her finace' Alex. Dax's brother also came for a few days. We had an amazing time getting to know everyone. On Friday we all got up and hit the mountain. WoW it was an crazy packed morning. It took me 2 hours to get down the first run! Yes 2 HOURS! I was hurting so bad and was so numb it couldn't even feel my booty! So I let Dax and Davin take a run while I waited at the base for them. Then we rode back up the lift over to another part of the mountain to meet our friends for lunch. It took forever, but not as long as the run before. We were suppose to meet them at 12:30 and I think we got there at 2! But we had a long way to go and it was all green's which was really hard on a snowboard. I was hurting so bad my knees were killing me, I went to the potty to get all of the ice out of my pants when I looked down and my knees and all I saw was bruises and they were so swollen. So after we ate we got a bus to take us back to the condo and Dax was going to go and board a little more before the lifts closed. On Saturday we got up again, and made a second day of it. It went much better. It took me 20 minutes to get down the same run that took me 2 hours the day before. Kristin was with me that days with made it much nicer. She is a beginner too! We just knew how the other one was feeling so it made it nice. We went down a few times ate lunch and then came back down and Kristin and I took a bus back to the condo to hang out and cut her hair! :) We were both hurting but feeling so good about what we had done. We couldn't wait to get up and go again in the morning! That night we all just hung out at the condo and then walked down town for a bit. We got a few souvenirs for Rilan, and Brooke wanted some new goggles and I found a place with tons! That night I could not sleep at all my neck was killing me, I had a pretty bad fall on Saturday that made me pull a muscle in my neck. So I decided not to go out and Dax had hit a jump weird and popped out his knee again so he was going to stay with me and we were going to just go and walk down Main Street and see what we could find to bring back to our parents. Kristin took a pretty bad fall too and bruised a rib so she hung out with us. We had so much fun just hanging out that day. On Sunday night we all just stayed at the condo and hung out. We had a blast, and came up with some pretty crazy ways to play Jinga! :) Thanks Andy! haha It was defiantly a trip I will never forget. We made some awesome new friends and can't wait to do it again next year!

Alex, Kristin, Andy, Brooke, Ethan, Leslie, and Dax
Alex, Kristin, Andy, Ethan, Leslie, Me and Dax
Leslie and Ethan

Me hurting!

Andy and Brooke
Alex and Kristin

Dax and I
Brooke, Me, and Kristin

I have more scenic picture I will post later!

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