Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Rilan has really gotten to where he loves pancakes. Every morning he will ask for either pancakes or eggs. We ran out of batter the other day and he got really mad at me! I guess I should know better than to run out of batter! While we were grocery shopping the other day I was in the cooler section by the creamer and milk and I saw this can that said "Batter Blaster" I was like what in the heck so I picked it up it was spray pancake/waffle mix! I was hooked before I even started reading! We always have to make a big batch so we mix it right and have wayyyy to many pancakes so I thought that this would be perfect make as few or as many as you want and no bowls to clean up just the pan you cooked them in. Plus they are organic. I love this idea why didn't someone think of it sooner, or why didn't I find it sooner! Rilan is loving having pancakes again for breakfast!

The Hardage House
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