Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm so ashamed that I am even going to show this picture! I hate laundry with all my heart, well I don't mind washing I just HATE having to put it all away. So right now this is what the chair beside our bed looks like, and the floor. That can't be a good thing for clean laundry! I really need to go and put it all away I just have a hard time getting motivated to do it so I decided to come and post about it instead of actually doing it! haha Well maybe by this evening it will all be done and put away and then I can show a picture of the chair with nothing in it! Well hope you all love laundry more than I do otherwise your chair looks like mine! If anyone wants to help put it away feel free to come on over! :)


Holly Hunt said...

I got it all done, and it actually wasn't too bad. Good trick is to have gum in your mouth while you seal the envelopes. HA Ha! your bags are so cute.

Stairlifts New Jersey said...

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