Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to Reality!

We have had so much fun this weekend! This is a view of the mountain that we got to have a blast on snowboarding. I am pretty beat up. I have a few brusies on my knees from falling so much and about 6 on my butt! I took a beating. My neck is all out of wack but it was totally worth it. I can actually snowboard now! We had so much fun with everyone! I am so ready to see Rilan but I am going to miss all the fun we have had getting to just hang out and chill. I am already trying to talk Dax into planning another trip to the mountains again before winter is over. I want to try and board again so I don't forget and so maybe next time I can enjoy it a bit more without hurting so much. I will post more pictures in the coming days. I am off to bed so we can drive home in the morning!

1 comment:

Nick and Natalie said...

hey brit ... i am so glad you guys had so much fun! I am proud of you... ya SHRED BETTY up on that mountain!!!!

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